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Beautiful school in Nyeri looking for a Librarian
Principal Job Objective: The position of Librarian is that of maintaining and developing the School library and managing all staff and students who use it. 

It requires clear guidelines to be issued and displayed to all users on how to preserve the environment and resource in a way that all of the school community can study what they need to in a peaceful way.

Tenure: The appointment is permanent and will be reviewed every year as part of the performance appraisal.
Specific Responsibilities

School Library
  • Selection, acquisition and evaluation of library materials.
  • Ordering and receiving of textbooks requested by teachers.
  • Analyse and evaluate library and information services and materials.
  • Maintain the organisation of library materials.
  • Perform original cataloguing and classification and enter data of each item into the library's automated system.
  • Ensure efficient retrieval by users through personal guidance and shelf guides, labeling of shelves and stacks.
  • Prepare reports related to library and information services.
  • Conduct user education to all new members of the School community.
  • Process resources for placement on shelf: - accessioning, covering, affixing barcodes and genre labels, preparing and affixing spine labels.
  • Maintain inventories, compile statistics and generate reports as required.
  • Establish, implement and maintain library and information and collections management policies and procedures.
  • Shelf reading and weeding.
  • Develop and maintain collections management policies and procedures.
  • Circulation and reference services.
  • Repair and mending of library materials.
  • Issuing of exercise books.
  • Line-manage the assistant librarian by providing advice, assigning duties and providing guidance and training when appropriate.
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