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WorkForce Training and Operations Manager

WorkForce Training and Operations Manager

A CloudFactory (CF) WorkForce Training and Operations Manager position contributes to Cloud Factory’s success by fulfilling dual, but intertwined, roles as a training specialist and operations manager.

As a training specialist this position designs, develops, implements, and evaluates scalable, multi-platform instructional and communication programs to improve performance levels across the global organization. 

In addition to the above, CF seeks to find a representative responsible in using learning (and eLearning) development principles, theories, experience, and strategies acumen to complement organizational objectives, meet client expectations, and support worker needs in positional, professional, personal, and relational areas.

As  an operations manager this position is responsible for operational components that work together to bring project completion to fruition. 

These include, but are not limited to: worker payout, accuracy, throughput, onboarding, reporting, turn-around-time and efforts in strategies towards efficiency and scalability. 

Additionally, this position requires the individual to own capacity planning; thus, meeting client demands through hiring, training and/or retiring workers.

In summary, this role is about managing and supporting the delivery of multiple projects. It requires managing people and teams - helping them grow and excel in their areas. It requires open mindedness to work in cross functional team and think beyond oneself and your team.

The four core values of this role are below, including brief descriptive of expected outcomes for those who seek to fulfill the role of a WorkForce Training and Operations Manager.

Proactive Ownership
  • Ramp up planning/ownership including worker selection, delivery model (online vs. in-house) consultant, worker onboarding scheduling, and in-house worker management.
  • Continuous task vitals review including following components: accuracy, volume, turn-around-time, and worker activity.
  • Fosters good rapport with other functional roles/ divisions.
  • Maintains and facilitates team communication.
Enhance UX
  • Offers task form critique and suggestions, which include form enhancements such as task tools, input view, layout/structure, and instruction modifications.
  • Reviews and modifies client business rules for greater simplification.
  • Offers workflow critique and suggestions.
Analytically Active
  • Supervises task analysis to better understand productivity and efficiency.
  • Executes continual worker analysis for both overall and individual reporting.
  • Responds to worker analysis and, offering conclusions and/or addresses: inactivity, carelessness, maliciousness, or great work.
Equipping + Engaging
  • Supervises, designs and develops a training plan that is goal-centered, engaging, and hyper informative.
  • Offers insights to create and execute valid training assessments.
  • Offers continual training opportunities.
Abilities / Skills
  • People management
  • Ability to communicate information clearly
  • Strong data analysis + management skills
  • Project scope design and execution experience
  • Collaborative management style
  • Proactive in strategic planning
  • Humility
  • Servant leadership
  • Graduate with 3-5 years experience in operations or training
Qualified interested candidates are requested to send resume and a cover letter to jobs@cloudfactory.com, with the subject - WorkForce Training and Operations Manager - CF Kenya.



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