Saturday, 20 June 2015

Declaration Officer - Mombasa, Kenya Job in Kenya

Job Title: Declaration Officer -  Mombasa
Serves: Logistics Manager
Employment Status: Renewable Contract

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
  • Preparation of import/export documents
  • Verification of goods at the airport and at the ICD
  • Taking of files for the approval of the different entries
  • Clearance and removal of goods from the airport
  • Timely clearance of goods from the various sheds to avoid late documentation charges, storage charges and demurrages
  • Processing of export files at ICD
  • Processing of  bonds at times towers
  • Processing of exemption at relevant Government Ministries
  • Processing of  perfection documents making sure the entries are released at the various sheds
  • Note and act if there is any breakages, delays e.t.c for the cargo and write report with the warehouse if there is any breakages
  • Make delivery notes and ensure goods have been delivered to the client
  • Making timely reports to the office on the progress of cargo clearance
  • Lodging perfection entries and preparation of bonds
  • Lodging of entries and IDFs in the system
  • Follow up correspondences between various statutory bodies and other parties including KPA, KRA and KEPHIS
  • Properly file the documents after the process has been completed.
  • Be in charge of border clearance including lodging of entries, taking the documents to the border for approval and clearance.
  • Any other duties that may be required of him or her.
Salary  Kshs. 25,000.00 per month

Interested candidates to forward their CVs not later than19th June 2015 to



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