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Rwanda Bureau of Standards Individual Consultant for the Development of the Standardization Policy

Rwanda Bureau of Standards

Request for Expression of Interest

Title: Recruitment of Individual Consultant for the Development of the Standardization Policy for Rwanda Bureau of Standards

1. Background Information
Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS) was established in 2002 to undertake all activities pertaining to the development of standards, quality assurance and metrology in the country and overseeing implementation of the above across the entire country. 
Since its creation, RBS has aimed to provide top-quality services regarding standards development, quality assurance through industry inspection, market surveillance, import inspection and certification, testing, metrology services and awareness raising.
RBS has registered good progress in promoting trade and public safety through quality standards development and offering conformity assessment services (inspection, testing, certification and calibration), which led to improved Health and safety of Rwandan People and competitiveness of Rwanda products, regionally and internationally.
However, still there are challenges to overcome in terms of institutional framework and awareness, skilled personnel, standards as well as regulation to support the national programs on food security and food safety.
In the spirit of ensuring continued economic growth and making a step further in strengthening the capacity of RBS to deliver on the standardization and conformity assessment, RBS would like to recruit an individual consultant to develop one national standardization policy and related Food Security and Food Safety laws/ regulations

2. Objective of the Assignment
  • Develop in close collaboration with NSB Management the Standardization policy
  • Develop in close collaboration with NSB Management, comprehensive Laws/regulations to implement the above policy.
  • Develop a roadmap for the adoption & implementation of the above mentioned policy.
3. Scope of assignment
In order to achieve the objectives set out above, the consultant will undertake the following tasks:
  • Review existing policies, laws and regulations governing standardization with particular emphasis on food security and food safety in Rwanda, and the regulatory framework;
  • Review documentation on the work practices of RBS for standards development, harmonisation, review quality management certification, environmental management certification and food safety management certification;
  • In close consultation with RBS, conduct a stakeholder analysis to determine different actors and target group and degree of engagement in the policy development process.
  • Conduct Consultative meetings with key stakeholders i.e. MINICOM, MINAGRI, RCA, RAB, RHA, RTDA, RURA, RDB etc...to acquire information and recommendations to shape the policy
  • Conduct research to identify similar policies and best practices regionally or internationally.
  • Assessment of the applicability of the above policies, laws and regulations in Rwanda
  • Undertake a study of the status of regional as well as national standardization strategies and propose a standardization policy along with laws/regulations required for its implementation
  • Identify and assess options suitable for the stakeholders with regard to compliance with the policy and related regulation. Describe in detail the required steps to implement recommended measures including details of awareness workshops to be offered as well as whom to be involved.
  • Draft standardization policy document
  • Draft proposed laws/regulation
  • Facilitate a validation workshop with the above mentioned stakeholders to review the draft policy
  • Present Draft Policy and related Food safety and Food security laws/Regulations to the RBS management and stakeholders for discussion and approval
4. Expected outputs
The consultant is expected to produce the following outputs;
  • One ( 1 ) Consultative workshop with RBS staff and Key Stakeholders to acquire their inputs on RBS’ strengths, priorities, key responsibilities and roles to make information and recommendations to shape the policy and regulations.
  • One ( 1 ) validation workshop to review draft policy and proposed enforcement laws / regulations with Key Stakeholders and collects their inputs.
  • Standardisation policy that covers all aspects of Standardization
  • Draft laws/regulations that cover only Food Safety and Food Security
  • Roadmap detailing schedule for the adoption & implementation of the policy including challenges and proposed solutions, awareness and capacity building needed
5. Deliverables
  • Inception report after 20 days from commencement of the assignment that includes understanding of the assignment by the consultant, proposed approach and methodology to be used during the  assignment and roadmap of assignment, key institutions and their role in the process.
  • Draft report after 70 days from commencement of the assignment that includes synthesis of consultations with stakeholders, recommendations and resulting draft policy and Laws/Regulations
  • Final report 10 days after review of the draft report with stakeholders and should includes developed standardization policy taking into account inputs from the validation workshop, roadmap on adoption & implementation of the policy and laws/regulations.
  • Two (2) DVDs/CDs containing soft copies in Word Processing and Adobe Reader of the final report, inception report, Stakeholders recommendations, developed Standardization policy, draft laws/regulations and a proposed roadmap to guide implementation of the policy.
6. Time schedule
The consultancy is expected to be implemented within a total of 80 working days. 
The consultant will report to the RBS Project Coordinator on all contractual matters. 
The validation workshop and key consultations will be carried out in Kigali City where the Head quarters of RBS are located.

7. Expert profile:
  • The consultant will preferably have at least a Masters Degree in Agricultural Engineering / Food Science/Food Engineering/Food Technology or subject related to Food Security and proven experience of at least 7 years in standardization related activities
  • The consultant will have good knowledge of national Quality Infrastructure (NQI), rules of formulating standards and regulations. Having performed similar activities and Knowledge of other countries similar policies especially countries in the EAC region is an advantage
  • Having prepared scientific policies in the field of standards and conformity assessment or related scientific field in the past.
  • Ability to align the Standardization policy to RBS Functions and Mandate and be able to fit it into Vision 2020, National Quality Policy, EDPRS, National Export policy, and other relevant national policies and strategies
  • She/he should have research skills, excellent writing skills, be able to prepare a lot of material in a precise manner tailored for different audiences and familiar with the local Rwandan context
  • Knowledge of the operation of bodies that carry out standardization, conformity assessments and meteorology services as well as experience in developing policies, ability to engage diverse stakeholders in an effective manner so as to acquire critical information
  • Have proven experience in formulating of rules and regulations. Knowledge of the standards applied by other countries in the EAC region is a distinct advantage.
Expressions of interest made by Cv’s, Academic degrees and certificates shall reach the Director  General’s Office of Rwanda Bureau of Standards no later than 17/7/2013 at 4:00 p.m (local time) at the following address: 
Rwanda Bureau of Standards, 
Head Office, 
P.O Box 7099, 
Fax: (250)583305 
Kicukiro Centre. 
The Consultant shall indicate clearly the title of the consultancy service.
Dr. Mark Cyubahiro Bagabe
Director General



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