Monday, 22 July 2013

Logo Design Competition

Logo Design Competition

Speed capital limited is a company in microfinance in Kenya with East African ambition.  
The company is known for its quick disbursement of loans and flexibility of repayments. 
Our target market is customers borrowing small amounts between Kshs. 10, 000 and 100, 000

We are looking to develop an eye catching logo that  conveys the concepts of   (financial strengnth and speed of disbursement)
The logo should also be simple and easy to brand on all materials including t shirts. Integrating the logo to the text or vise versa is acceptable as long as the logo still stands well on its own.

Logo styles if interest to us are BP, Shell, WWF, safaricom

The company colors are red and black., though we would be ok toying with blue & grey as well

Competition details

Period: The  competition will run from 22 July to 5th August 2013

Contact: all entries should be emailed to
Prize money will be us $250
Winner: The winner will be declared on our website within a month of  closure of submissions



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