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HelpAge Strengthening Social Protection Project Extension Proposal Development Consultant Job in Kenya

Terms of Reference
Consultant to develop Proposal for an extension of the project: ‘Strengthening Social Protection to prevent and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa
Four Institutions namely the African Platform for Social Protection ( APSP), The Coalition for Children Affected by HIV/AIDS( The Coalition), HelpAge- International- Africa Regional Development Centre –East West and Central Africa and the University College London ( UCL) teamed up to develop a joint proposal . 
In 2011, received funding from Sweden/Norad to implement a three year project, running from 2011- 2013. 
The project has conducted a successful evaluation and now wishes to extend by two more years (2014- 2015) to accomplish the pending activities; consolidate some of the promising approaches for scale up.
Building Linkages: Social Protection, Poverty and HIV&AIDS
This programme is building links between risks and vulnerabilities caused by HIV and AIDS and to demonstrate the effectiveness of social protection measures in realizing the rights of vulnerable people to achieving universal access in HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support, and treatment. 
These measures include livelihoods support, cash transfer programmes and universal pensions and other grants. 
Social protection provides access to resources to meet basic needs and HIV and AIDS and health services and prevents the transmission of intergenerational poverty often affecting older people and children.
The expected results will be achieved through combined approaches linking grassroots service delivery to vulnerable groups with national and regional policy influencing processes. 
It will build the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) to effectively engage in social protection policy dialogue and in the design and implementation of social protection programmes. 
In addition the programme will focus on building evidence for effective policy action, promoting networking and learning among civil society, government, and research and academic institutions. 
A seminal research study is being undertaken by the University College London in collaboration with Stellenbosch University researching on the effects of community based programming on the situation of children affected by AIDS.
The project has four result areas:
1. Universal access to HIV and AIDS services and Social Protection Mechanisms for Vulnerable groups is increased
2. Regional and National level HIV&AIDS {Addressing the needs of older people and their dependants} and SP policies and related [policies] plans and budgets increasingly incorporate measures which address the needs of vulnerable groups.

3. Increased participation of Civil Society organisations in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of National and Regional HIV and AIDS and Social Protection policies and strategies
4. Evidence on effective {Effectiveness in this case is defined as policy action with clearly earmarked resources} action contributing to the achievement of universal HIV&AIDS and SP services gathered, documented and shared and acted on among CSOs, Governments and other stake holders
Consultancy Objectives and Scope of Work
In carrying out the assignment, the consultant will establish linkages with planned and ongoing activities in the project to facilitate complementarities and reduce potential duplication, using midterm evaluation reports, Sweden HIV and AIDS Strategy for Africa, annual reports and the project phase one proposal and the project logical framework as the source documents.
The consultant is required to:
a) Work with HelpAge team to develop individual HelpAge Proposal (This is one piece of the assignment)
b) The second piece of the assignment is to consolidate proposals from APSP, The Coalition, HelpAge and UCL into one proposal with four result areas, one logical frame work and budget for two years.
c) Ensure cross cutting issues like human rights, gender, persons with disabilities and children are well articulated in the proposal and the logframe
d) Ensure the final proposal is in tandem with Sweden HIV&AIDS Strategy for Africa
e) Include Theory of Change graphic illustration
i) Produce one proposal for HelpAge
ii) Produce one final proposal for the four institutions with a budget, refined logframe ( an improvement from the current phase logframe)and theory of change in graphic illustration with guidance notes.

Core competencies
  • Demonstrate evidence in writing high level complex proposals
  • Excellent programming skills including construction and review of logical frame works
  • Ability to write high quality and concise technical reports with high proficiency in written and spoken English, within agreed terms of reference and deadlines.
Education and Experience:
  • At least 10 years of relevant and diversified professional experience in international development (social protection, poverty reduction programmes, HIV&AIDS, psycho social support, social research, organizational development)
  • Excellent knowledge and skills on issues of international development in relation to Africa
  • Strong knowledge on rights based approaches to programming
Expression of interest
All interested consultants/firms are requested to write an expression of interest by:
  • Explaining their competences to meet the requirements of the assignment
  • Provide a detailed professional budget in USD(Indicate daily professional rates)
  • Provide duration of the assignment and when ready to undertake the assignment.
  • Provide evidence of similar work undertaken in the recent past (Not more than 3 years)
Tax Liability: Settlement of any tax liability arising from this agreement will remain the responsibility of the consultant.
Deadline for application: 5th July 2013
Please send your application by email and copy in



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