Thursday, 19 April 2012

Virtual Internship Career Opportunities in Kenya

Virtual Internship Job Openings.

About us

We are a Business Process Outsourcing firm based in Kisumu city.

We offer services in the areas of Web development, mobile applications, desktop applications, web application, software architecture, web hosting, cloud computing development, network infrastructure management, computer installation and management, QuickBooks data entry, financial analysis, monthly Internal audit, Internet Marketing and project management.

We serve clients both locally and international with our main clientele base from USA, Canada and Australia.

About this Position;

We are seeking to team up with a team of Virtual Developers who are still in universities/colleges, fresh graduates or those just beginning their careers.

The Virtual Developer will be stationed virtually but will be connected to the company through a project management tool.

Job Openings
  1. Web Developers
  2. System Developers
  3. Mobile Application Developers
  4. Desktop Application Developers
  5. Systems Analysts
  6. System Documenters
  7. Content Writers
Core Skills

Proficiency in related job opening is a MUST for consideration. Some desired skills for developers include in VB, Action Script, Adobe AIR, C#/, C++, Java, Jquery mobile, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jquery, PHP/ASP/JSP/PERL, etc. You should be able to develop applications for Windows Phones, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPods and iPads, etc.

How to apply
  1. Send your application clearly stating your skills
  2. In your application letter, state how many hours you are available week for work.
  3. Note: For you to be considered you MUST have easy access to a computer and internet for at least 6 to 10 hours a day



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