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GESCI - Analyst for Project Africa Knowledge Exchange 2012 Job in Kenya

Call for Applicants

Terms of Reference


For the project Africa Knowledge Exchange 2012

Type: Temporary fixed term staff assignment, local country hire

Term: Fixed term 7 months

Start date: May 2012

Finish date: December 2012

1. Introduction

GESCI is an international non-government organisation founded by the United Nations ICT Taskforce.

GESCI is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, and provides strategic advice to relevant Ministries in developing countries on the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Education, Science, Technology and Innovation systems for the advancement of Knowledge Societies in Africa.


GESCI is seeking an experienced Analyst with a Master’s degree or higher in Social Sciences in ICT, Education, Science and Technology (S&T) or Innovation.

The Analyst will carry out research, analysis, monitoring and evaluation for the project African Knowledge Exchange (AKE) 2012.

The overarching goal of the AKE 2012 is to identify, analyse, develop, test and share emerging and good practices and trends related to ICT, learning and skills development.

The project will extract research findings and evaluate innovative approaches to ICT enabled learning in the African region, and bring together key stakeholders in Sub-Saharan Africa to discuss and exchange experiences on issues of particular relevance to ICT, Education and the Knowledge Society.

2. Role Description

The Analyst is expected to plan and carry out research, monitoring and evaluation related to a selected innovative pilot project and to conduct a research study that will complement the monitored innovative practice.

A key responsibility of the Analyst will also be to package research findings so they can be communicated in appropriate ways to different identified target audiences.

The work will be carried out in close interaction with colleagues in GESCI’s AKE 2012 project team.

The research will be undertaken through desk studies, telephone interviews, field visits and meetings.

Research findings will be summarised, analysed and findings presented according to academic standards. Repackaging of findings to different target audiences will then be made as applicable.

In carrying out the assignment, the Analyst will be expected to:
  • Plan for research studies and evaluation of innovative practice and work with GESCI experts in reviewing and refining the suggested methodologies and tools.
  • Collect data through desk research, telephone interviews, field visits, meetings and other agreed methods.
  • Analyse collected data and monitored innovative practice and produce research reports following criteria identified in the research and innovation framework.
  • Present recommendations for conclusions that can be drawn from undertaken research and monitored innovation as well as suggest areas of future interest and relevance.
  • Repackage research and innovation findings to various audiences following their specific needs and interests.
4. Timeframe for Assignment

The time frame of the assignment is 7 months fulltime based in GESCI’s office in Nairobi, Kenya.

The assignment is expected to commence in May 2012 and end in December 2012.

Some national and/or international travels may be required.

6. Key Requirements

We are seeking a result orientated Analyst that proactively takes action in a collaborative and fast paced environment.

The work will involve everything from individual analytical research and team brainstorming sessions to meetings with inventors, students, researchers and Government officials why you need to be an individual that is comfortable and communicative in various environments.

More specifically the role requires: Master’s degree or higher in Social Sciences in one of the Knowledge Society domains of ICT, Education, Science and Technology.

Minimum of 5 years’ professional experience in research, monitoring and evaluation of multi-disciplinary projects related to Learning, Education, Skills Development, Youth, ICT/Technology, preferably in Eastern or Southern Africa.

Experience in using a range of research methodologies and Monitoring & Evaluation techniques.

Competence in conducting online research (using tools like search engines, data repositories, scientific publications) as well as carrying out interview based evaluation and monitoring of field studies.

Excellent analytical skills and ability to package and present data and research findings for decision making and sharing with different audiences.

Strong communication skills and ability to interact with various stakeholders (from students to inventors to Government officials)

Capacity to proactively come up with new ideas, identify what needs to be done and quickly bring out results.

Good time management and organisational skills to prioritise workload and meet tight deadlines.

7. To Apply:

Please submit your complete CV with a cover letter specifying why you qualify for this assignment. Your application should reach us by COB 29th April 2012 at .

Further information related to the position can be obtained from:

Lina Palmer, AKE Project Manager:



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