Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Octopus ICT Solutions - Moodle Developer Job in Kenya

Octopus ICT Solutions has an immediate opening for a Moodle Developer.

In this position, the right candidate will be expected to have:

2-3 years’ experience working to code within the Moodle LMS*

Expected to have worked in an educational (university) background

2-3 years’ experience coding in PHP

Background can be based on other LMS systems, but only if PHP was utilized to code those systems (i.e. Blackboard, Angel, etc.)

Key duties over the contract will be:
  • Develop a customization allowing multiple schools to coexist on one Moodle instance without any contact to each other.
  • Develop school admin tools that will enable the admin to add users only to their school.
  • Key authentication fields required changed to: User name, Password, First name, Last Name, School (cohort/category).
  • Custom bulk user upload (via CSV) which allows no emails for students.
  • Custom single student upload (HTML form) which allows no emails and binds students to the group that a teacher is a part of.
  • Allow the courses to be shared between multiple schools (but not data).
  • Allow groups within a course and within a school to be shared throughout all courses.
  • Adapt Quiz Grade Report to display question name instead of question number and force it to add scores with questions of the same type.
  • Remove Breadcrumb navigation completely.
  • Build custom navigation block for each user group: Student, Teacher, School Admin.
  • Allow students to share a session by logging in together on a single machine with one lead user and up to 4 associated users. When users complete a quiz or mark tasks off as complete, all students should have it marked as complete.
Candidates will be evaluated based on their PHP skills and knowledge of the Moodle LMS with regards to programming.

The successful candidate will also be expected to coordinate with the Project Manager overseeing the implementation of the system to ensure that proper implementation protocols are adhered to.

If you think you are the right person for this position, stop looking at this post and send your CV and cover letter to jobs@octopusict.com to be received on or before 13th February 2012



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