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VSF Belgium - Terms of Reference for a Project Audit Consultancy

Terms of Reference for a Consultancy

“Project Audit”

Improved Community Response to Drought (ICRD) – Phase III


Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (VSF) Belgium is an international non governmental organization whose mission is to improve the welfare of vulnerable populations in developing countries, through improving animal health and production.

ICRD III is a project funded under ECHO’s Regional Drought Decision that commenced on 1st July 2010 and concluded on 31st December 2011. The contract value was €471,963.

The period under review will be 1st July 2010 to 31st December 2011. ICRD III’s overall objective is to “Contribute to further improvement of the coping strategies of communities vulnerable to recurrent drought hazards”.

This project is a follow up project built on the achievements of the 2 previous phases implemented 2.5 years earlier. It seeks to replicate outcomes of the results. These can be then used to influence the development of future drought preparedness.

Objective of the consultancy

The work to be done is:
  • Review of supporting documents for the grant expenditure i.e. invoice, bank statement, proof of tendering, personnel contracts, inventory lists, contracts with suppliers and sub contactors etc, to establish eligibility of expenditure
  • Establish if reporting guidelines and management of grant was as per donor regulations;
  • Report on exceptions observed
Location: The consultancy work will be conducted in the Regional Office located in Nairobi.

Timeframe: The whole consultancy is expected to be completed by February 29th 2012.

Expected Outputs
  • Audit review will be undertaken in line with relevant donor regulations and International Standards of Auditing
  • Final audit report to be presented by 29th February 2012 to VSF Belgium after adequate resolution of matters arising from the audit (this is a tentative date since VSF Belgium is cognizant that the audit cycle may take time. It can be negotiated)

The VSF B Country Program Manager for Uganda, based in Nairobi, will ensure the overall coordination of the mission in conjunction with any needed regional office staff.


The consultant is expected to have the following minimum attributes:
  • Be a registered a member of a recognized professional accounting body.
  • Have minimum 5 years experience in donor audits particularly ECHO funded projects.
Contact Information

Interested expert(s) should submit proposals, indicating also the quotation for the service. The execution plan will be discussed after selection of the Auditor.

This information should be sent electronically to

Ref: ICRD III Final Audit 01/12 should be indicated as the email subject.

Closing date: 24th January 2012



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