Thursday, 12 January 2012

Transparency International - Research Assistants

Transparency International, a premier good governance institution is seeking to create a national database of research assistants.

The assistants will be recruited on need basis for different short term projects.

We invite applications for interested persons.

To be considered applicants must meet the following minimum requirements-
  • Be a second or third year university student in a recognized local university studying Arts / Social Sciences.
  • Able and willing to be deployed on various research projects by TI-Kenya sometimes on short notice.
  • Conversant with the geography of the areas around the university/ college and / or region of residence.
Inclusion into the database does not create liability on the part of TI-Kenya to provide opportunity during any research assignment.

Any engagement will be based on tasks available, number of research assistants required and general suitability of the research assistant.

Interested students should email applications indicating their geographical regions and C.Vs by January 15th, 2012 to-

The Executive Director,
Transparency International- Kenya



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