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RwandAir Director Flight Operations Job - Kigali, Rwanda

Background: RwandAir is the Rwanda National Carrier.

As it continues to reposition, consolidate and expand, a number of opportunities continue to be available for immediate recruitment.

We are looking for exceptional people to work for an exceptionally demanding organization.

Desired candidate will be results-driven, be service-focused, a team player, an effective communicator with well-honed negotiation skills, a strategic thinker with adequate attention to detail, of unquestionable honesty and integrity, be technologically aware and have an exceptional interpersonal skills.

It is on this basis that Rwandair wishes to recruit Director Flight Operations that will assist the organization to achieve its objectives.

Post Title: Director Flight Operations

Department: Operations

Section: Ground Operations Quality Assurance

Unit: Ramp Quality Assurance

Location: Kigali

Main Working Relationships
  • Directly responsible to: General Manager- Operations)
  • Supervision of: Chief Pilot, Pilots, Training Manager, Fleet Manager, Flight Operations Staff
  • Functional relationships with: Other Senior Functional Managers
  • External: Rwanda CAA and all other regulatory bodies. All contracted service providers and product suppliers related or linked to aircraft operations
Duties and responsibilities

The following are duties and responsibilities:
  • to ensure safe operation of company aircrafts,
  • to cooperate with the maintenance department ensuring that the technical status of the company airplanes is kept on a high level,
  • to ensure that all crew members are familiar with the laws, regulations and procedures pertinent to the performance of their duties,
  • to coordinate and supervise the divisions below him, as depicted on the company organization chart, to determine all flight operational standards and practices, and to ensure their compliance with all relevant national and international regulations and with the provisions of the AOC,
  • to cooperate, with all other company departments, in aiming for the highest possible degree of safety and for obtaining a satisfactory degree of punctuality, passenger comfort and economy,
  • to propose to the GM Operations, where necessary in cooperation with Flight Standards, the publishing of all required Operations Manual (i.e. OM Part A, B, C and D),
  • to call hearings when such an action seems appropriate,
  • to ensure the professional standard of the company’s flight crew, and to establish improvements in standards, procedures and training, to determine the usability of aerodromes for company operations, to determine restrictions for their use and to lay down the appropriate aerodrome operating minima,
  • to determine the usability of areas and airways to be utilized for the company’s flight operations, and to establish minimum flight altitudes,
  • to ensure that operations are only conducted along such routes and within such areas for which - ground facilities and services, including met services are provided which are adequate for the planned operation,
  • the performance of the airplane to be used is adequate to comply with minimum flight altitude requirements,
  • the equipment of the airplane to be used meets the requirements for the planned operation,
  • current maps/charts are available,
  • (in the case of twin-engine airplanes) the limitations of ETOPS are met,
  • to keep himself up-to-date on equipment developments and on flight operational procedures,
  • to coordinate and supervise the Chief Pilot,
  • to cooperate with the Flight Training Department and Chief Pilot in order to evaluate failures experienced during checking and training,
  • to ensure the professional standard of company personnel,
  • to take action involving reports filed by flight crew,
  • to publish directives to personnel as appropriate,
  • to take safety measures as seen appropriate,
  • to take disciplinary action in case of misconduct or misbehavior, violation of company procedures and/or regulations,
  • to set the requirements and standards of the employment of flight and cabin crew.
You have the right:
  • to select, conduct pilot interviews on behalf of the management members of the subordinate functions, respecting the veto-right of the GMO,
  • to suspend subordinates from their duties, functions and rights where this seems necessary for a safe conduct of flight operations or for disciplinary sanctions,
  • to approve procedures valid for subordinate functions,
  • to approve the conduct of flights or series of flights concerning safety or flight operational,
  • to prohibit flights or series of flights or to suspend flight operations for safety reasons.
  • A university degree in air safety management or any other related fields
  • At least more than 10 years of experience as a pilot,
  • IOSA Certified Auditor
  • Experience in airline safety
  • Management experience,
  • Having occupied the same position in other airlines is an added advantage.
The deadline for submitting application documents is 31st January 2012 at 4pm local time at the front desk of our head office located at Kigali International Airport, top floor building.

The Senior Manager Human Resources;
Kigali International Airport
P.O. Box 7275 Kigali -Rwanda

Only Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Note: RwandAir is an equal opportunity employer



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