Monday, 23 January 2012

International Finance Corporation / World Bank Group - Sanitation Business Support Opportunity


Two-thirds of the Kenyan population lack access to improved sanitation facilities, leading to increased infant mortality, and to economic, social, and environmental problems.

Enhancing the ability of the private sector to deliver desirable and affordable sanitation services and products is fundamental to improving access to sanitation.

Sanitation services delivered by the private sector come in many forms, such as latrine construction and marketing, operations of communal toilet facilities, or waste removal, disposal and reuse (e.g. for energy, fertilizer, or other uses).

Sanitation businesses often face challenges accessing finance for scale up, due to the unproven nature of their markets and business models.

In response, IFC intends to provide business support to a selection of promising sanitation businesses in Kenya, in order to improve their access to commercial finance for business scale-up.

For more information, please email to:

Opportunity Description

IFC hereby invites businesses providing services or technologies for sanitation or for waste removal & re-use to apply for this sanitation business support opportunity.

This opportunity is open to firms already active in the sanitation industry as well as new entrants.

Selected businesses will

1) demonstrate prior success in establishing and growing businesses in Africa,

2) have ongoing activities in Kenya, or concrete plans for expansion to Kenya,

3) present a credible business plan, and 4) have strong potential for growth.

Selected businesses will receive business support services tailored to their need, such as:
  • Guidance in developing and refining a business plan, strategy, and financial projections
  • Market research and development of marketing strategies
  • Assistance preparing bankable investment proposals
  • Technical and regulatory support
Selected businesses will be expected to cover a portion of the cost of business development


Applicants should send 5 pages (max) containing

1) a description of the business, including profile of the founder(s), business activity, short history of the business, location(s), business model, target market, annual revenues (current and projected), and marketing and growth strategies;

2) discussion of the type business support that would enable the company to grow most effectively; and

3) contact details.

This information should be sent to by 10 February 2012.

Selected companies will be contacted by email within one month



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