Monday, 23 January 2012

GRACE Africa Terms of Reference for IT Systems and Services


Grassroots Alliance for Community Education (G.R.A.C.E) Africa is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) registered under Kenya’s NGO board in 2001 with a 501 (c ) (3) not-for-profit fund-raising entity based in the US.

Our 100 plus Kenyan partners include CBOs, Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), and youth groups.

These organizations operate as part of a network through which G.R.A.C.E. provides capacity building support in diverse areas such as leadership and governance; economic empowerment; youth empowerment; child protection; HIV prevention, care and treatment and sustainable agriculture.

In addition, we provide technical and material support to enable them to improve the quality and scale of their work. We have established a niche and a proven track record in working with and empowering grassroots organizations across Kenya.

Terms of Reference

  • Network Partner Work Stations - Priority
  • Fully automate the backup systems - Priority
  • Enhance Security within the Network - Priority
  • Rid Partner workstations of Viruses - Priority
  • Upgrade the E-Mail messaging from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft Exchange Online.
  • Set up a Domain Control***
  • Create a white paper account of all the above activities for organizational and IT department reference - Priority
Remote Desktop Access

Tool: Team Viewer
  • Set-up team viewer in a host PC in the head office.
  • Install the tool in client computers around the network of Partners.
Automated Backup System

Tool: Active Backup
  • Install a back up tool in each of the partner workstation
  • Set-up and schedule the backup system
  • Select files to be backed up and direct them to the FTP.

FTP site to host/store/archive transferred files. The Backup tool to be scheduled and directed to copy specific files into the FTP Site.

M/S Exchange online (Upgrade M/S exchange to M/S exchange online)

Tool: M/S exchange
  • Set a staff e-mail portal n the Organization’s website
Web Maintenance (Ongoing Routine)
  • Dynamic Content Management
  • Team viewer Application
  • Active Backup tool
  • Smart FTP tool
  • M/S exchange
  • Laptop
Time Frame
  • Short-term contract- 20 days in the field & 10 Days in the Office (30 days)
Knowledge Skills and Experience required
  • A diploma in IT or its equivalent
  • In-depth knowledge of network administration
  • Hands on experience on hardware maintenance and software management
  • Hands on experience in system backups.
  • Should be a team player, work without supervision and be able to work long hours.
NB: This position will require extensive travel outside Nairobi.

Send your application documents to by Wednesday 25th January 2012.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted



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